Mid States Living History Association, Inc.

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

MSLHA Annual Meeting 2014


Members present:  Rick McNutt, Dave Brown, Frank Rouse, Alvin Bartlett, Brendan Mills, Larry Chamberlain, Bernie O’Bryan, Jon Austin (by phone), Cara Dafforn

Absent:  Lewis McVay and David Meek

Meeting came to order at 3:17pm

Dave Brown made a motion to carry over officers from 2013 to 2014.  Second by Larry.  Motion carried.

Bernie made a motion to close this meeting and count this as our 2014 election of officers.

MSLHA Annual Meeting 2015


2015 meeting was called to order by Rick at 3:20pm

Old Business:

Review of Conner Prairie.

  • Jon expressed concern of not having any neighbors


Review of Battery Hooper

  • The JAR museum is negotiating with neighbor church on when it will be held.
  • We received $1,000 from a grant donated by St. Elizabeth Medical Center.


Crooked Creek – Friday night event attend by guys in Indy.  We received a plaque in recognition for our contributions.




Treasury Report

  • Start 2014:10,915.24
  • End of 2014:  $15,190.94  with $150.00 outstanding - 3 members’ dues have to be paid (1 member for 2 years, 2 members for last year)
  • Paid easy net sites 195.00 – check sent out today.
  • 824.25 for insurance to be paid in August 2015
  • 16,616.89 – current balance
  • Meals for today have yet to come out.


Wrap up of 2014, Rick felt that we needed a bigger effort from the group on doing more events.  Only two events we did as a full group was Conner Prairie and Battery Hooper.



New Business

2015 Events

  1. Battery Hooper:  Bernie met with executives at St. Elizabeth and had good rapport with explaining our program and how it can benefit the museum and hospital.  Bernie will be looking to ask for $3,000 as an increase from $1,000.  Discussion was made with Bernie on what to ask from St. Elizabeth for this year’s event.  More discussion was had on bringing


  1. Lebanon, Indiana event:  end of September event?  Motion made by Brendan, second by Cara
  2. Lew Wallace, proposal was made to support the museum if they are willing to fund.  Motion made by Brendan, second by Rick.  Motion carried 1-0


  1. Conner Prairie – Motion made by Bernie, second by Cara to attend event.  Vote carried 2-0


  1. Sharon Woods – July 11-12, 2015


Cannon purchase – looking for a 3 inch ordinance.  This will be the

Things to consider for purchase

  1. Storage – Where to store it?
  2. Transportation – who will be able to haul it?  Are they available to haul it each time?
  3. Maintenance – are we all committed to maintaining the cannon?
  4. Are there any certifications needed for the group to be recognized
  5. How much would powder cost?


Army of the Wabash

Rick is asking us if we would consider joining the Army of the Wabash.  This group would want us to join as a subsidiary of their group; an affiliation with the group.  They want us to join to strengthen their impression with our medical impression.  What do we gain?  Per Rick, we gain access to their resources of presenters.  Brendan makes motion to give Rick permission to discuss membership options and benefits with Army of the Wabash, second by Dave Brown.  Vote 3-0


Discussion was brought up by Jon regarding the 10th Illinois Cavalry on obtaining more funding from Conner Prairie.


Ongoing relationship with Ohio Valley Civil War Association by Brendan Mills.  Discussion on what parts of the group we will want to work with.  We work well with Dave Bock and the Artillery group.  Dave Brown mentioned that we can issue an invitation to.  Bernie made a motion to have Rick create certificates of appreciation for Lewis McVay and family, Dave Bock and Fred Shaffer.  Larry second.  Motion Carries 6-0


Status on our insurance discussion by David Brown.    Insurance is up to date and paid in full through the end 824.25 due at the end of August 2015


Status of Website.  Up and running since summer of 2014. Bernie would like for more maintenance/updates of the site.  Tabled to Committee to update the website with pictures and content.  Members joining the website committee are Cara, Brendan, Sonya, Frank, Rick, and Alvin.

Discussion to update the By-Laws to have elections every other year.  Brendan motions (second by Dave Brown) to have a By-Laws committee to explore options for changing the By Laws of MSLHA for two year offices. This committee will explore the options and make a recommendation by May 15, 2015.  To change the By Laws, the changes need to be finalized and the documents need to be updated with the proper channels (government?).  exploratory committee.  Brendan withdrawals his motion.  Rick recommends that a motion be created.  A mission for an exploratory committee to be called the By Laws committee  Motion made by Alvin, second by David Brown.  Vote carried 8-0 (Brendan abstained from voting).

Rick suggested a motion to have Brendan chair the By Laws, carried by Cara and second by Dave.  Ad hoc committee to make suggestions to the president for the president to approve membership.


Discussion to create a fiduciary was suggested by Rick, so moved by Brendan.  Motion carried.  Rick recommends that Cara





  • President – Bernie nominates Rick, second by Larry.  Rick wins president 9-0
  • Vice President – Rick nominates Brendan, second by Dave.  Brendan wins VP 9-0
  • Secretary – Bernie nominates Alvin, second by Dave.  Alvin wins 9-0
  • Treasurer – Brendan nominates Larry, second by Dave.  Larry wins 9-0
  • Member At Large – Alvin nominates Dave Brown, second by Brendan.


Cara makes a motion to welcome new members, second by Brendan.

Potential members - Sonya Lord, Michelle Froding, Pam O’Bryan, and Dan Taylor.

Motion carries 8-0, Jon abstained from voting.


Motion to end meeting by Brendan, second by Alvin.  Meeting ended at 6:30pm